In a study I conducted in the fall of 2017, I found that 84% of students at my undergraduate institution were experiencing performance-based pain to the point where it affected their ability to play at the level of which they were accustomed.  Upon further research, I found that this statistic supports similar studies conducted in major universities and conservatories across America.  If you are currently experiencing performance-related pain or injuries, you are not alone.  I have designed this website specifically for you as a resource to connect you with treatment centers in your area, scholarly articles and literature about performing arts health, and as a platform for you to join the discussion and share your story with others struggling through similar experiences.  Visit the features on my website to learn more about musculoskeletal health and wellness, injury prevention methods, and treatment options you can build into your daily schedule to manage performance-based pain and injury.

This project is currently based in Bowling Green, Columbus, and surrounding cities in Ohio.  Stay tuned for expansion coming soon!

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