Please type your city or zip code into the keyword search bar below "Treatment Centers" to be presented with a list of various types of treatment centers and doctors in your area.  Currently serving major cities throughout Ohio. If you would like to add a yoga studio, doctor, massage therapist, Alexander technique teacher, Feldenkrais teacher, etc. in your area to this database, please contact me with the information and I will input that information once I receive approval from the business.*

*Disclaimer: This resource is a listing of all existing businesses and treatment centers in a given area.  The businesses listed have not yet been vetted for legitimacy or reputation, and it is recommended before contacting that you read reviews and visit the website of the business and professionals you are interested in working with to ensure that you are comfortable with the business.  Playing Without Pain is not directly referring patients to these businesses and is not liable for bad experiences or medical problems the customer has encountered at any of these businesses listed below. Consult with your doctor before trying treatment services such as Acupuncture, Cupping or Massage Therapy to make sure it is an option that would work well for you.