Francesca Leo has recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Bowling Green State University, and is pursuing a Master's degree at Manhattan School of Music in the Fall.  Francesca has experienced moderate to severe performance-based pain ever since she began playing her flute, and has been diagnosed with tendonitis of the shoulders and forearms.   After talking with many of her colleagues, friends and peers, she realized that musculoskeletal health and wellness in collegiate music students is a subject that was not discussed enough at her own institution and at many universities across America.

Francesca has studied performance-based pain in collegiate music students under a research grant through the Center for Undergraduate Student Research at Bowling Green State University.  She built this award-winning project to create a dialogue about performance-based pain in collegiate music students across the nation and hopes to provide an interactive resource students can visit to gain access to proper treatment and prevention methods for performance-based injuries.  For more information about Francesca, please visit her website at

Francesca Leo, Founder